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Pondok Bebek (translate: Duck Hut) Restaurant offers best Lalapan menu, a traditional dish served with chilly. With choices of Chicken or Duck, Fried or Barbecued, you can choose the way you want to enjoy our well known lalapan. We are also famous for our Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup), a delicacy prepared with fresh herbs and spices making its flavor unique and savory!

At Pondok Bebek, you can also enjoy from simple yet delicious dishes such as Pondok Bebek Fried Rice, to snacks and coffee.

Come and visit us and discover the best Lalapan and Oxtail Soup in Makassar!


Our Famous Oxtail Soup, locally sourced fresh ingredients here in Makassar. 
Only Rp. 60.000

Best Seller Choices

  • Bebek Goreng/Bakar Lalapan + Nasi Lalapan Fried/Barbecued Duck + Steamed Rice Rp. 35.000
  • Ayam Goreng/Bakar Lalapan + Nasi Lalapan Fried/Barbecued Chicken + Steam Rice Rp. 28.000

Our Favourite Choices

  • Sop Buntut Oxtail soup Rp. 60.000
  • Buntut Bakar Barbecued Oxtail Rp. 60.000
  • Buntut Goreng Fried Oxtail Rp. 60.000

Cold Beverages

  • Ice Blended Oreo, Green Tea, Tiramisu, Chocolate, Taro, Hazelnut, Melon, Strawberry Rp. 25.000
  • Kopi Hitam Black Coffee Rp. 13.000
  • Kopi Susu Coffee with condensed milk Rp. 15.000
  • Soft Drinks Rp. 15.000

We have many other menus to satisfy you cravings. Please visit us to enjoy our Menus!